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Gamiotics Studios, the emerging leader in real-time audience engagement, saw unprecedented success during its sold-out developmental engagement of The Twenty-Sided Tavern a live-action Dungeons and Dragons-style interactive adventure in New York City. The show will now have a spring premiere at Pittsburgh CLO where audiences will be able to experience a new form of interactive entertainment, powered by Gamiotics.  Gamiotics is the groundbreaking technical innovation that is the foundation of The Twenty-Sided Tavern, where audience interaction drives the outcome of each show, making each performance a unique and unpredictable experience.

“We consider ourselves early adopters of Gamiotics technology as part of The Twenty-Sided Tavern,” says Mark Fleisher, Executive Producer of Pittsburgh CLO. “Our audiences are seeking out new ways to explore entertainment now more than ever. Driving access to new and dynamic storytelling into their smartphones is an interactive development we are proud to embrace on our stage during this engagement that will run April 15- 30, 2022.”

David Carpenter, founder, and CEO of Gamiotics, also knows that systems must be streamlined specifically for participants. “What we have found to be the critical element to our success is that the technology is pain-free for partners and audiences alike. There are no apps to download, no lengthy forms to fill out, and no release of user information that could breach the comfort of data security,” he says.

“We are in the business of delivering new and exciting ways to engage audiences worldwide. By bringing The Twenty-Sided Tavern to new audiences in Pittsburgh, we continue to evolve the Gamiotics technology used in immersive entertainment experiences,” he continues. “Our journey is just beginning and like the ever-changing narrative in The Twenty-Sided Tavern, we are paving new paths forward with every choice being made.” 

About The Twenty-Sided Tavern:

The Twenty-Sided Tavern, where laughter flows like ale and the story is yours to control. Every night is a new experience where you choose the characters, what paths they take, and how hilarious their hijinks will be. Battle monsters, solve riddles and be rewarded with a unique ending based on how the game is played. Grab your friends and embark on the journey of a lifetime that might involve dungeons, might involve dragons, and is guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever experienced.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern is powered by Gamiotics. Built by creators for creators Gamiotics is the ONLY software solution for the live entertainment market that connects the audience and content with zero hassle. It is web-based, there’s nothing for your audience to download, and it’s accessible instantly from the phone in their pocket.

Tickets for The Twenty-Sided Tavern at Pittsburgh CLO are available HERE.